Northern Resource Analysts Ltd.


Northern Resource Analysts Ltd. (Northern) provides support in the investigation, assessment and analysis, monitoring and process advancements in biodiversity & conservation programs, and sustainable development in the environmental systems we live in.

Northern’s diversely-skilled associates work with local and interested parties to utilize an integrated approach to program development.

Northern is made up of associates who bring a diverse international range of environmental, compliance and capacity building experience.

Compliance & Auditing

Providing environmental compliance, auditing, monitoring, and investigation services. Providing a team to create solutions-based programs.

Environment & Archaeology

Multi-disciplinary services in Aquatics, Wildlife, Hydrology, Noise, Biodiversity, Conservation, and Impact Assessment.

Holistic view and integrated solutions.

Program Management & Capacity Building

Customized management, coordination and team-lead services. Our team can support you in building environmental monitoring capacity in your community.

Capacity Building and Community Support

We provide support to communities wishing to developing their skills in environmental monitoring and evaluation.

Program development based on unique site-specific requirements and outcome needs.

Key-Stone Support

  • Watershed Management
  • Wetland Evaluation
  • BioMonitoring
  • Education Programs


  • Local Knowledge Incorporation
  • Self-Sustainable Programs
  • Holistic Views
  • Values and Needs


  • Global Knowledge to Local Needs
  • Out-of-Box Thinking
  • Solutions Oriented
  • Long-term Resource Management