Northern Resource Analysts Ltd.

Northern Resource Analysts Ltd. (Northern) provides practical, innovative and high-performance solutions for your projects.
Our employees and associates bring a diverse range of international experience.

Reliability & Risk

Developing the edge your company or division needs to be a step above your competitors. Improvements made are profits gained.

Environment & Archaeology

Multi-disciplinary services supporting your planning, construction, maintenance and operational needs.


Geospatial services which include GIS mapping, 360° georeferenced photography, and remote sensing data collection.

Reliability & Risk

We provide specialized support in developing and maintaining quality,
reliability and risk analysis initiatives giving you an edge in your industry.
With a diverse range of international experience in various sectors,
we provide a customized service sharply focused on your needs.


  • Increase Production & Process Flow
  • Enhance Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Improve Equipment Performance & Reliability
  • Improve Workforce Productivity & Efficiency

Equipment Efficiencies

  • Component Failure & Downtime
  • Baseline Equipment Performance
  • Condition-Based Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance Inspection

Reliability Planning & Design

  • Asset Integrity Evaluation
  • Critical Inventory Forecasting
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Reliability Strategies for Future Growth