Environment & Archaeology

Northern’s goal is to enhance the capacity of your business through all stages of a project or program by using collaborative and solutions-based support to your existing systems.

Planning & Consultation

By drawing upon the unique array of skills across Northern’s global experts, we provide services in environmental and archaeological assessment and consultation across multiple geographical and technical areas.

Project Management

  • Utilizing known and trusted project management tools and innovative new approaches to suit the needs of your team.
  • Building strong, synergistic relationships to best accomplish your goals.

The best teams focus on effective communication, building relationships and process-driven solutions.

Collaboration, Communications and Capacity Building

  • Building tools and techniques for effective collaboration, communication, and representation with regulators, community and other groups.
  • Providing multi-disciplinary support to you team by designing and facilitating training and capacity building programs.

Our team can support the development and coordination of high-quality training programs to suit your cross-functional needs. 

Compliance, Inspection & Monitoring

Northern’s compliance, quality and environmental professionals can support and strengthen your compliance-based programs and continuous improvement initiatives.

Construction & Maintenance Inspections

  • We can provide your construction & post-construction teams with collaborative third-party inspection support.
  • Experience in construction-related regulatory variance requests and regulatory outreach to meet your timelines and construction goals in a safe and compliant manner.

Collaborating with all teams and disciplines to efficiently bring your project through construction.

Auditing & Assurance

Providing third-party expertise in risk-based evaluations and auditing. Supporting your continuous improvement programs and outcome-driven objectives through:

  • Environmental Management Systems Auditing
  • Quality Auditing (ISO)
  • Compliance Auditing, Evaluation & Maintenance Audit Checks
  • Compliance Program Planning, Systems Updating & Action Item Planning
  • Root-Cause & Quantitative Analysis 

The cost of downtime could be much higher than the cost of prevention and growing your quality and compliance culture.

Biophysical Assessments

Providing you with high-quality multi-disciplinary teams to support your development projects and resource management initiatives.

Wildlife & Species at Risk

Developing innovative approaches to wildlife and Species at Risk planning and management:

  • Caribou Offset Measures & Management Planning
  • Caribou Habitat Restoration Planning
  • Wildlife Clearance Surveys
  • Bird & Bat Post-Construction Monitoring
  • Wildlife Assessments, Management Planning & Protocols
  • Trapping, Wildlife Relocation & Relocation Suitability Assessments

Working with seasoned experts to provide the most current wildlife management practices. 

Vegetation, Wetlands & Ecosystems

Providing your team with vegetation, ecosystem and habitat specialists in the following areas:

  • Wetland Delineation, Classification, Compensation & Management Planning
  • Ecosystem & Sensitive Habitat Classification & Mapping
  • Species at Risk Habitat Identification & Monitoring (i.e., Caribou)
  • Timber Salvage & Access Control Planning

Working with specialists across the board to develop effective management plans. 

Aquatics & Fisheries

Supporting baseline, research, or construction teams with the following aquatic expertise:

  • Fish & Amphibian Assessments, Salvage & Relocation
  • Watercourse Crossing Assessments & Classification
  • Instream Works Planning & Monitoring
  • Hydrological & Watershed Analysis
  • Water Quality Sampling, Hydrometrics & Monitoring
  • Water System Balance Analysis

Aquatic systems are a priority in all development settings. Supporting  your team to make the best choices in water and aquatics management. 


Providing a clear understanding of historical resources and archaeological regulatory obligations.

Historical Resources

  • Historic Resource Clearance Applications (HRC)
  • Historic Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA)
  • Historic Resource Impact Mitigation (HRIM)
  • Historic Resources Impact Monitoring and Post-Impact Assessments
  • Historic Land Use Studies
  • Archival Research

Working with top archaeologists in the discovery, mitigation and archival of our historical resources and traditional lands. 

Aboriginal Collaboration & Traditional Land Use

Aboriginal engagement is one of the first and most important steps when planning a development. Northern can support the collaboration between local Aboriginals, project representatives and regulatory agencies from the initial planning stages through to capacity building of local communities.