Northern’s geospatial services includes a 360° Spherical Imagery Viewing System which effectively brings remote locations into the office.

Imagery Viewing Systems

Connecting your team through imagery and imaging tools.

360° Aerial Imagery

  • Continuous, 360° high resolution, geo-referenced photography and videography.
  • Overlay engineering surveys, IFC drawing data, ESA/EA baseline data, environmental protection plan data and land-use information.
  • Image capture (15 frame/sec), data tag any point or segment of interest.
  • Customized desktop and tablet interfaces for flexible work locations.


  • Full Visual Project Reference
  • Rapid Data Access Updates
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Support
  • Improved Stakeholder Consultation
  • Environmental & Safety Compliance

Customized Tablet Interface

  • Develop a Consistent Large-Scale Tracking System
  • Visualization & Customized Reporting Templates
  • Project Data, Photos & Report Transfer
  • Cellular Signal Not Required
  • GPS Tracking for Working Alone Safety
  • Remote iPad Management
  • Standardize Report & Data Collection Process

Geospatial Imagery Viewing and Mapping

  • Geospatial Analysis & GIS Mapping
  • Remote Sensing Imagery & Processing
  • Geomatic Assembly & Analysis
  • Remote Data Transfer & Storage

360° Aerial Photography

Below are some examples of Northern’s photography.