Reliability & Risk

Northern specializes in improving your bottom line by offering innovative, practical and efficient solutions to improve your operational performance and industry position. With a diverse range of international experience, we provide a customized service sharply focused on your business needs.

Operational Performance

Northern’s reliability professionals can work with you to enhance your existing operational excellence.

Equipment Availability

  • Integrate leading-edge statistical techniques to improve reliability analysis of rotating equipment and other components.
  • Improve your diagnostic systems to identify bad actors and apply root-cause analysis practices to equipment failure investigations.
  • Reduce your facilities downtime events and production loss through predictive modelling.

Providing training and tools to sharpen operator resolution, equipment diagnostic inspections and trouble-shooting processes.

Condition-Based Monitoring

  • Take your equipment performance to the next level by developing customized modeling applications for the purpose of proactively identifying non-conformance and/or equipment failure.
  • Understand and predict deviations in equipment performance for varying operational conditions (e.g., mechanical load, severe weather conditions) into single-source reliability profiles.
  • Create efficiency in your company by streamlining maintenance inspection intervals through critical operating metrics and equipment performance data, increasing lead times.

Working together with your team to enhance your automated monitoring system capabilities.

Predictive Maintenance Practices

  • Optimize proactive approaches to maintenance inspection using your key performance indicators to improve your bottom line.
  • Utilize condition-based monitoring to improve your existing workflow processes for convenient scheduling of planned maintenance practices, increasing equipment lifetime.

Our team can help you make the right decision at the right time.

Asset Management

Our risk assessment techniques and asset management design strategies can improve productivity in the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Asset Evaluation

  • Evaluate your condition-based monitoring, inspection and maintenance, and regulatory compliance systems using a single-source risk assessment program.
  • Develop a quantitative risk assessment framework to identify asset risks and criticality to prioritize inventory and capital replacement budgets.

Providing a complete asset condition and risk history portfolio to support your planning needs.

Critical Inventory

  • Develop or improve existing forecasting methods for repairable and non-repairable critical inventory and required carrying capacity estimates.
  • Optimize reliability initiates with inventory reduction strategies to reduce capital costs and minimize risk of stock-outs.

Reduce working capital tied up within inventory while ensuring that the right part is available at the right time.

Quality Assurance Programs

Supporting your company to build a strong foundation for operational excellence.

Six Sigma Training

  • Customized training programs to certify in-house personnel in DMAIC and RCA, improving your teams operational excellence.
  • Develop a standardized and replicable lean RCA process and workflow template to troubleshoot and disposition all high-impacting events.

Enhance your existing systems using data-driven results as a core quality tool.

Strategies for Growth

  • Develop or improve existing continuous improvement initiatives within reliability and maintenance centered Six Sigma tools, transferring knowledge into the decision making process.
  • Align continuous improvement initiates with corporate vision to improve workplace process and productivity across business units (4 Disciplines of Executions – 4DX).

Improve workforce efficiency, cross functional team efforts, track project outcomes and commitments using KPI’s.

Systems Auditing

Verify that your management systems are in compliance with the relevant ISO standards and review if your quality objectives are being met.