Reliability & Change Management

Northern has a diverse skill set to supporting various operational reliability programs.

Reliability and Performance

Operational Monitoring Strategies

  • Component Failure and Downtime, and Root Cause Analytics
  • Operational Performance Detection and Algorithms Development
  • Single-source Reliability Profiles
  • Predictive Maintenance Planning

Reliability Planning and Design

  • Asset Integrity Evaluations
  • Critical Inventory Forecasting
  • Change Management Planning
  • Decision-making Procedures
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Project Management

  • Project development, management, tracking, execution, monitoring, and KPI development.
  • Management plans and tools available for multi-disciplinary programs.
  • PMP associates available.

360° Photography

360° Imagery

  • Continuous, 360° high resolution, geo-referenced photography and videography.
  • Overlay engineering surveys, IFC drawing data, ESA/EA/EIA baseline data, environmental mitigation and protection plan data and land-use information.
  • Image capture (15 frame/sec), data tag any point or segment of interest.
  • Customized desktop and tablet interfaces for flexible work locations.
  • Full visual project reference

Kitimat 360° Aerial Photography