Compliance & Auditing

Northern’s professionals can support and strengthen your environmental compliance and auditing programs through continuous improvement initiatives.

Our services provide practical and efficient reviews and sound solutions to improve performance. With a diverse range of experience, we provide a customized service sharply focused on your business needs.

Auditing & Reviews

Northern’s professionals can work with you to enhance your existing operational excellence through audits, reviews and systems updates.

Environmental Third-Party Audits

Providing third-party expertise in risk-based evaluations and auditing. Supporting your continuous improvement programs and outcome-driven objectives through:

  • Environmental Management Systems Auditing
  • Quality Auditing (ISO)
  • Compliance Auditing, Evaluation & Maintenance Audit Checks
  • Compliance Program Planning, Systems Updating & Action Item Planning
  • Root-Cause & Quantitative Analysis

The cost of downtime could be much higher than the cost of prevention and growing your quality and compliance culture.

Environmental Inspections and Monitoring

  • Environmental inspection services during construction and post construction.
  • Program, construction and post construction monitoring, including, but not limited to: bio monitoring, water quality, soil quality, vegetation regeneration, wetland and watercourse crossing rehabilitation, remediation, wildlife presence/absence and abundance, breeding birds, amphibians and reptiles, bird and bat moralities due to rotor impacts, and fisheries.
  • Environmental and bio monitoring program capacity training programs.

Working together with your team to enhance your monitoring system capabilities.

Third-Party Reviews

  • Third-party review of environmental programs, impact assessments, evaluations, data, reporting, analysis, audits and environmental management systems.

Our team can help you identify solutions to your challenges.