Northern’s staff and primary independent contractors have a diverse range of experience in several industries.

Aquatics & Fisheries


  • Culvert Sizing & Discharge Estimates
  • Hydrological & Flood Analysis
  • Water Quality Sampling, Hydrometrics & Monitoring

Wetlands, Watercourses, and Fisheries

  • Wetlands Delineation, Health Evaluations, Classifications
  • Watercourse and Wetland Crossings
  • QAES Assessments
  • Water and Fisheries Monitoring
  • Fisheries Removal and Relocation (Salvage)
  • Barrier and Culvert Assessment
  • Amphibian Assessments, Rescue & Relocation
  • Instream Works Planning & Monitoring


Biophysical and Archaeology

Staff and contractors to support all phases, from constraints to long-term monitoring and operational excellence.

Wildlife & Species at Risk

  • Wildlife Clearance Surveys
  • Bird & Bat Post-Construction Monitoring
  • Breeding Bird Surveys, Stick Nest Surveys, Lek Surveys
  • Wildlife Assessments, Management Planning & Protocols
  • Wildlife Monitoring
  • Trapping, Wildlife Relocation & Relocation Suitability Assessment
  • Operational Environmental Analysis

Vegetation & Ecosystems

Providing your team with vegetation, ecosystem and habitat specialists in the following areas:

  • Ecosystem & Sensitive Habitat Classification & Mapping
  • Range Health Assessments and Management Planning
  • Species at Risk Habitat Identification & Monitoring
  • Timber Salvage & Access Control Planning


Utilizing a prime contractor to provide:

  • Historic Resource Clearance Applications (HRC)
  • Historic Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA)
  • Historic Resource Impact Mitigation (HRIM)
  • Historic Resources Impact Monitoring and Post-Impact Assessments
  • Historic Land Use Studies
  • Archival Research


Weather Analytics

Providing a clear understanding of historical events and planning for the future.

Severe Weather Analytics

  • Analytics and risk assessments for severe environmental conditions: Icing, Avalanche, Flooding, Fire.
  • Severe weather event monitoring, mitigation and contingency planning (icing, flooding or severe rain, fire, wind).
  • Site planning and operations severe weather analysis and forecasting.
  • Severe weather operations mitigation and control measure recommendations for down-time reduction.

Working with top Environmental Scientists, Engineers, and Statisticians in forecasting, assessment, monitoring, and mitigation planning of severe events.