Monitoring & Mitigation

Northern can provide environmental monitoring and mitigation planning, with experience in Renewables, Oil and Gas, Transmission, Hydro, Transportation, and Recreational (Parks and Protected Areas).

Practical and effective planning to mitigate and monitor in various environmental conditions during construction and operations, including severe weather events, to improve compliance and operational performance.

Construction and Operational Excellence

Providing applicable and effective mitigation in various environmental conditions.

Mitigation Planning

Supporting environmental, operational and procedural compliance:

  • Environmental Protection Plans
  • Eco Plans – Construction
  • Mitigation and Contingency Plans – Icing, Avalanche, Fire, Flood
  • Compliance Assessments and Evaluations
  • Root-Cause & Quantitative Analysis
  • Downtime Failure Analysis, Monitoring and Automation

The cost of downtime could be much higher than the cost of mitigation planning.


  • Site Inspection and Auditing.
  • Environmental Forecasting, Alerts and Compliance Reporting.
  • Monitoring Program Development.
  • Environmental monitoring program capacity training programs, change management for ongoing and operational self-sustainability.

Working together with your team to enhance your monitoring system capabilities.

Third-Party Reviews

  • Analysis and review of existing mitigation and monitoring.
  • Recommendations on change management planning for existing mitigation and monitoring programs.

Our team can help you identify solutions to your challenges.