Program Management & Capacity Building

Northern’s team of associates have a diverse skill set to support various sectors and stages of a project or program. Transferring key skills into a community and building local capacity is a common goal among staff and associates.

Global Leadership

Connecting your team with ours. Leadership in Environmental, Compliance, Third-Party Auditing, EIAs/EAs, and other programs. Supporting your team or community in developing a program based on desired outcomes.

Community Capacity Building

We meet you where you are.

Capacity building in environmental skills such as:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Biophysical Evaluation
  • Environmental Compliance & Auditing

Benefits and characteristics of programs include:

  • A multidisciplinary focus and holistic orientation.
  • Facilitates and creates an open and approachable setting.
  • Hands-on interactive sessions.
  • The length of the programs allows participants to receive maximum educational effectiveness.
  • Seminars and workshops can use Internet and video conference delivery.
  • Small learning environment encourages participants to engage in meaningful interaction.
  • Expert and engaging speakers and instructors.
  • Meet and learn in a dynamic educational environment that focuses on interactive tutorials, learning from real world problem solving, and benefiting from the networking process that is an integral part of the program.

Project Planning and Implementation Support

  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Assessments
  • Biophysical Assessments
  • Environmental Inspection and Monitoring Programs
  • Permitting and Planning
  • Third-Party Review

Project Management

  • Providing support to your team in the development, permitting, tracking, execution, monitoring and completion of your project or program.
  • Management plans and tools available for multi-disciplinary programs.
  • PMP associates available.

360° Photography

360° Imagery

  • Continuous, 360° high resolution, geo-referenced photography and videography.
  • Overlay engineering surveys, IFC drawing data, ESA/EA/EIA baseline data, environmental protection plan data and land-use information.
  • Image capture (15 frame/sec), data tag any point or segment of interest.
  • Customized desktop and tablet interfaces for flexible work locations.


  • Full Visual Project Reference
  • Rapid Data Access Updates
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Support
  • Improved Stakeholder Consultation
  • Environmental & Safety Compliance

360° Aerial Photography

As part of Project Management, Northern can provide 360° aerial or ground photography.

Kitimat 360° Aerial Photography